What is HitsBlender?

We have compiled a list of the most popular questions and answers for you. Make sure you check it out to learn more about HitsBlender. If you still have something to ask, feel free to contact our support team at support@hitsblender.com

What is HitsBlender and how does it work?

HitsBlender is a free music app that will find the music you want through thousands of online radio stations and cache it. This is a totally free and legal way to listen to your favorite music. Just select genres, artists or top charts you like from the catalogue and HitsBlender will find and play it to you.

HitsBlender catalogue contains all popular music sorted by national top charts, genres and artists. To add something you like into your playlist, just click on the cover of the item. Now you need to wait a little while HitsBlender is searching for requested music from online radio stations. Waiting time depends on the popularity of music selected and your internet connection speed.

To get the music you need quickly, please type the artist name, song title or music genre into the search bar and follow our search suggestions, or view the full list of results in a separate screen. Also you can use our catalogue to find artists by genres you like (Genres tab) or look for them in popular artists (Artists tab).

Blend Mode option helps you make an endless mix of music from your playlist. You can now choose between blending of all the music you add or blending in a selected playlist. If you don’t want to use this option, just select No Blend.

I’ve added artists or songs to playlist, but why no music is playing?

First make sure that buffering is enabled (switcher at the bottom right corner). If the music you selected is rarely played on online radio stations, you may need to wait until HitsBlender finds it. For quick start, try to add something else and see if the problem persists. If it does, please check your internet connection.

How can I edit my playlists?

Feel free to add/remove music. To add music, just tap the cover of the artist or top chart in catalogue. To remove music from your playlist, place the cursor over the element you need to remove and then press X icon.

How to switch HitsBlender to Compact View?

To switch HitsBlender to Compact View and listen to the music you like with less display space, just press the dark grey icon at the right top corner of the app window. To switch back to Full View, please press this icon again.

Slow buffering speed?

Buffering speed depends on your internet connection speed and HitsBlender servers’ overload. If something goes wrong, try to turn on / off buffering switcher or restart HitsBlender.

Is it really free and legal?

Yes, for sure. HitsBlender algorithm is based on a feed from thousands of online radio stations worldwide. In fact, you are just listening to music available from numerous free online music services, which is absolutely safe.

How do I uninstall HitsBlender?

You can uninstall HitsBlender as usual for your operating system. For Windows, open the Control Panel, locate Add / Remove Programs tool and find HitsBlender from the list of installed apps. For Mac OS X, open the Applications folder, locate HitsBlender app icon and remove it to Trash.