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What is HitsBlender?

HitsBlender is a free application that allows you to listen music online and custom your own playlists. Connected to thousands of online music charts from all over the world HitsBlender lets you listen whilst simultaneously exploring other music charts in the directory. The search function allows you to find your favorite songs and artists playing across the network.

How do I search for an artist or song?

Simply type in the artist, song title, type of music into the search bar to find music matching your search criteria. You may also use our search suggestions that appear once you start typing. Using options on the left top corner of the program you can further refine your search by countries, genres and artists.

How can I edit my playlist?

You can add artists and songs you want to play, and ban artists you don't want to play. Just click on the name of artist or song and it will automatically appear in your playlist. HitsBlender then plays the artists you add and more music similar to your taste.

How do I uninstall Hits Blender?

You can uninstall the program as usual using the Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs tool.

How can I contact

To contact us, please go to our Contact Page.

Download Free version available for Windows and Mac OS